Even though it never seems to receive enough recognition, music is one of the most important elements in any game.

The team at SCEA has always understood this, so you can expect a very impressive score for the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Bloodborne .

As posted over at the PlayStation Blog , that music was created with a 65-piece orchestra, a 32-piece choir, and multiple vocal and instrumental soloists. Over 90 minutes of music was mixed at the recording studios at PlayStation headquarters, and it was composed by both in-house composers at From Software and guest composers. Said SCEA Music Director Chuck Doud:

The secret to the score’s success is firmly rooted in how the music authentically reflects the character and mood of the game. This authenticity began with the composers, whose music fueled the performances of the musicians and the entire recording team. The end result of this amazing process has produced a score that is broodingly breathtaking in its ability to convey a sense of overwhelming dread, beauty and despair. It is pugilistic, otherworldly and transcendent. And at every turn, every note of every beat, it remains steadfastly informed by the creative vision of Bloodborne’s creator."