You'll have to wait until next year before a new Battlefield entry hits store shelves, so in the meantime, you'll have to content yourself with more downloadable content for Battlefield 4 .

Although we don't have all the details just yet, EA and DICE have started talking about the last DLC release for last year's shooter. The fourth and last expansion is called Final Stand and it'll boast futuristic tech and a fresh setting (Russia).

The DLC will include four new multiplayer maps: Operation Whiteout, Hammerhead, Hanger 21 and Giants of Karelia; most of these are covered in snow, making combat a little more difficult. You'll also have access to "secret prototype weapons and vehicles," such as a hover tank and a rail gun that is ultra-powerful, but can only be used once. We'll learn more about these intriguing features in the coming weeks.

We know Final Stand will launch between October 1 and the end of the year, but we don't have an exact date. Stay tuned for that.

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8 years ago

Nice! I've been playing BF4 pretty much non-stop since it launched. (though I still haven't finished the single player campaign yet.. lol)

Snow battles sound awesome. Looking forward to it!