According to Variety, Sony Computer Entertainment is ready to launch an on-demand high-definition video service for the PS3 in Japan early next year. This is one of those times when North American and European gamers all say at once, "hey, what about us?!"

Anyway, if you're in Japan and own a PS3 with fast Internet access, you can download this new content directly to the PS3's hard drive. First up on the list are some racing videos and a BBC car documentary that Sony hopes will get the masses interested in the impending Gran Turismo 5: Prologue . That one is scheduled to arrive on December 13 – another time gamers in other regions will be wishing they were in Japan – and it'll definitely make a giant splash. As for that on-demand service, each of these first downloads will cost about $1.85.

At first, Sony will commemorate the launch of Prologue with a free download of "The GT-R Legend Inside Story I," which is Part 1 of a three-part documentary regarding Nissan's GT-R. This will remain free through December 6, although we're not sure what they'll charge after that date. High-definition is seriously kicking in all around the world, and the holidays is a perfect time for Sony to offer this new service…let's just hope they eventually bring it to North America. We'll keep you updated.

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