Oh boy…here we go again.

The 10th anniversary of Square-Enix's legendary Final Fantasy VII PS1 classic is here, and right along with it is the never-ending rumor we might see a remake for the PS3. Of course, S-E has stepped up numerous times to shoot it down, all but dismissing the project as nigh-on impossible, but they're gonna have to do it again: to celebrate, S-E has opened their Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Gallery in Tokyo, which will be on display until September 2. It features all kinds of artwork for everything FF VII-related, and on one of the message boards, Sony's head boss Kazuo Hirai wrote the following note on a pink sticky (source: Kotaku):

"Congratulations on 10 fantastic years! The best is yet to come."

Well, we already know about Crisis Core , and they can't possibly mean yet another spin-off, can they? Maybe Kaz is simply hyping up future FF projects like Final Fantasy XIII …but regardless of the truth, the FF VII-remake speculation has once again risen to a dull roar. Okay, Square-Enix, it's time once again to stand up and shoot it down; come on, we all know you're gonna do it. Or , you could do us all a favor and just announce a FF VII remake for the PS3. Yeah, that'd be even better.

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