We have to wait until February 22 to get our hands on the PlayStation Vita. …well, you have to wait until then; we hope to have access to one a little sooner than that. 😉

At any rate, even though you can't physically go hands-on just yet, Sony is offering you the opportunity to take an admittedly limited virtual tour of their fancy new portable.

You can demo Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Hot Shots Golf ; you simply test things out with the mouse arrow. Unfortunately, you can't actually participate in the controls, but you get an idea of each game's features and how the touchpads will work for both. That will be the most important aspect of this unit: accuracy via touch sensing. If that's not perfect, the gameplay is going to suffer for every title.

But we have faith that the Vita will be a well-designed, highly entertaining little unit. Besides, there's always the analog stick option.

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9 years ago

not only that, there are doing hands on events.
in the states only of course……..

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