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Lego The Incredibles

The Incredibles is Getting the Lego Treatment

It seems like it’s going to be a good summer if you happen to be a fan of The Incredibles. The second movie is hitting theaters in June and after a short wait Lego is getting in on the action. Lego The Incredibles is coming out shortly after and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released a trailer today showcasing some gameplay.

Lego The Incredibles focuses on the powers of each family member and how they can work together. Teamwork is important to get through the game. In the video you can see Elastigirl using her stretchy powers to become a makeshift bridge. In another shot Violet uses her shield to block some lasers.

On top of the being able to play as the family, and in the usual Lego fashion, you will be able to play as other Supers that show up in both movies. No matter how brief. The game covers the story of both movies as well. How large the cast actually is remains to be seen but it should be fun to be able to play as other superheroes.

Look for Lego The Incredibles on July 13th.

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