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Capcom Continues To Improve And Tweak Street Fighter V

The Street Fighter V launch hasn't been super smooth but Capcom continues to work to stabilize and refine the experience.

And they also continue to update fans on the team's progress, which is much appreciated.

In the latest Post Launch Status Update , Capcom says they're making "a lot of great progress on all fronts" and that includes fixes and improvements in the areas of matchmaking, Battle Lounge, and Fighter ID search. For instance, in regards to Ranked and Casual matchmaking, they say this is now "working as intended for most users" and more tweaks have been implemented so players can get into matches "at a much faster rate."

In regards to Battle Lounge, they said they understand that some people are "still running into issues," even if the problems weren't especially widespread. They should have new fixes ready to go this weekend, though. Lastly, there is the issue of newly created Fighter IDs not showing up in a search, which Capcom says has been resolved. New accounts should now show up in a search within 30 minutes of when the accounts were created.

Only a day after the anticipated fighter launched, Capcom made improvements so it would run better , and reviews were mostly positive though somewhat mixed .

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8 years ago

Yes it's now good (online), but Capcom should of release this on march, they need to realize not every SF fan wants to be like Daigo.

8 years ago

No, we wants to be like Lupe Fiasco.

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