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Driveclub Free Ignition Expansion Gets New Details, Trailer

Developer Evolution Studios had a lot of problems with Driveclub when it first launched in October.

And that's why the first piece of downloadable content will be free to everyone who bought the full game. As an apology, Evolution will give us the Ignition Expansion Pack, which was to be November's premium DLC.

This includes the Photo-Finish Tour Pack as well as two livery packs, which means both packs contain 5 new cars, 22 new tour events, 10 new Trophies, and 10 new livery items (usable online and offline). The team released a new trailer that shows off some of the new vehicles, including the Caterham SP/300.R, BMW M4, and KTM X-BOW R. Sweet stuff!

And in a new statement concerning the stability of the game, Evolution said this:

"The other members of the team are working on game updates to make Driveclub better for you and new packs to add more cars, tours and trophies to the game. We're also working on new features like dynamic weather and replays as well as many other improvements to the game based on your feedback. We'll give you an update on all of this soon."

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9 years ago

thats some sweet DLC, i'll have that

happy gaming

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