After getting slapped with the "AO" (Adults Only) rating, Manhunt 2 had to return to the editing room. Neither of the game's intended platforms – the PS2 and Wii – would release a game with that rating, so of course, Rockstar had to take it back and cut some of the nastier stuff. After a few months of "cleansing," they have successfully launched the sadistic action/thriller…but their problems aren't over, apparently.

A number of sources around the Internet – including Evil Avatar – have reported that Target stores have been pulling Manhunt 2 off their shelves. It seems some tricky hackers have discovered hidden adult content within the title, and that's what's causing Target's own "cleansing" process. The ESRB will likely remain firm in their "M"-Mature rating, but retailers can basically carry what they want to carry. An inside source says all Target managers have been ordered to take Manhunt 2 off the shelves and even refuse future shipments of the controversial title. Take-Two Interactive, nice guys that they are, have evidently agreed to take back all unopened copies, too.

The reasons do include this hacked adult content, but clearly, Target also isn't interested in dealing with the added media attention for the game. The retailer now says they won't sell it in their stores, but they say it's "available online." Hmm…will others follows suit? …Wal-Mart? More than likely. By Christmas, we doubt you'll be able to buy Manhunt 2 in many stores besides GameStop.

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