Okay, so it's not a new game, but it's still a neat idea for God of War fans.

As it turns out, that mystery Island of Rhodes website is chock full of developer commentary about God of War II . If you visit the site now, it will ask for age verification and then bring you into a behind-the-scenes world of the best PS2 game out there. They talk about all kinds of things, from the original concept to concepts they loved to see come to life in the game, so for GoW fans, it's an eye-opening little site.

Yeah, it might be disappointing to learn that this has nothing to do with God of War III , and it's not the official site for the upcoming PSP God of War , but Cory Barlog can help ease your pain. Really, he's got some great commentary regarding scenes like the game's intro with the Colossus, and it's very cool to learn what was on the minds of the team during development and production. So anyway, the mystery has been unveiled, and as Sony said from the start: it really is for "true God of War fans.

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