While Capcom won't be releasing a new Street Fighter game for quite some time, they still displayed their upcoming Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for the PS2. Featuring Street Fighter: Third Strike and Hyper Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Anniversary Collection is poised to satisfy PS2 owners who are starving for a full-fledged 2D Street Fighter game.

Street Fighter: Third Strike is a direct port of the arcade original. The messy pixilation on the outline of each character is still intact, unfortunately; but the game plays like no other 2D fighter does. No animation seems to be sacrificed, thanks to today's consoles larger RAM — and no framerate drops occur, either. Hyper Street Fighter II is pretty much Super Street Fighter II Turbo, but with features found in every Street Fighter before it. So if you feel like playing a fight that'll feel more like Street Fighter II, rather than SF: II Turbo, then you'll be able to. The best way to describe Hyper SF: II is to imagine Street Fighter II through Super Street Fighter II Turbo all jammed into one game, and you've got Hyper Street Fighter II.

Both games played incredibly well, and should be on every Street Fighter fans list. The collection is expected to launch July 2nd.

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