Maybe you didn't know, but there was a Saints Row installment in development for the PSP.

Unfortunately, the project was canceled in 2009 so the game was never finished (and probably why you've never heard of it). However, Volition is now ready to show it off.

They'll go into more detail about the canned project during a livestream Twitch event this week but for now, they've given us a healthy preview that spans nearly five and a half minutes. For the record, a PSP dev kit was recently discovered in Volition's offices by one of the team's video producers, and it turned out to be a project called "Saints Row Undercover." It was actually supposed to be a port of Saints Row 2 for PSP but it became its own game when the developers realized a port wouldn't be possible.

The title was originally called "Saints Row: The Fall" (the version of "Undercover" that existed before being canned) and it was similar to other entries in the series. Basically, it was an open-world action game and in fact, it wasn't far from being completed. Said video editor Josh Stinson:

"Turns out that when you have an early build, they're not going to be super clean and polished like a finished game is. It was honestly kind of shocking that this was so far along."

Why was "Saints Row Undercover" ultimately canceled? Community Manager Mike Watson says the project was actually being handled by an outside developer, because Volition really didn't have much experience in handheld stuff. But when Volition and then-partner THQ looked at it, they decided that "it really wasn't living up to what a Saints Row game could and should be."

Saints Row has been on the back burner since THQ went bust and had to sell off all its IPs. Koch Media and Deep Silver snapped up the Saints Row IP so here's hoping we'll see another effort soon; the last one was 2011's Saints Row: The Third .