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The PlayStation 5 Isn’t ‘Next Gen’

Okay, so hear me out. The PlayStation 5 is obviously gonna be super awesome, but it isn’t a ‘next generation’ console. It’s a current generation console. Yup, you read that right. See, as far as I’m concerned, the 9th generation started in 2017 with the Nintendo Switch. No, the Switch isn’t super powerful, but that’s not what defines a generation. I mean, if power was what determined the gen, the Wii would be a part of the 6th generation, instead of the 7th, since it’s really no more powerful than a GameCube.

To go even further into this, the upcoming Xbox and PlayStation aren’t even the first ‘powerful’ consoles of the 9th generation. That title goes to Google Stadia. Now, love Stadia or hate Stadia, doesn’t matter. The fact is, it’s competing against consoles, and is freaking powerful. So yeah, Stadia is the first powerful 9th generation console, while the Nintendo Switch was what kicked off the 9th generation. Meaning, the PS5 isn’t next gen, it’s current gen.


Paid Online Is Anti-Consumer!

This is really one of my biggest pet peeves in gaming. Paying to play online on a PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch, is really freaking dumb! Sony doesn’t host your Call of Duty servers, so why are you paying Sony for the right to play on something they don’t even provide? It’s just anticonsumer, and I freaking hate it. Like, make multiplayer free, but give me the option of paying a yearly fee to get additional perks. Cloud saves, monthly game rotations, store discounts. You know, the stuff Sony actually provides themselves? Hell, that was the entire point of PlayStation Plus back when it first launched on the PS3. No paid online, just extra and optional perks. I’d be happy to pay for that, as it’s just beneficial to the overall experience. But paid multiplayer? Who the hell is that benefiting? The developers don’t get any of the money, nor are they offered any financial support from Sony, despite Sony charging the consumer a yearly fee to access servers that the developers and publishers are required to pay for themselves. Hell, it gets even worse when there aren’t even any servers at all. Peer to peer multiplayer is literally just you connecting to another player that acts as the host for the match. Why the hell should I pay Sony for that? If anything, I should be paying that one random 12 year old Call of Duty player that happens to have good internet. He’s the real MVP, not Sony.

It’s even worse on Nintendo’s side of it. I mean, have you seen state of Switch Online? Sure, it’s cheaper, but you also get significantly less. Most of the time, the online doesn’t even work right. Just take a look at Mario Maker 2, or Smash Ultimate. Mario Maker 2 in particular can’t even handle 4 players without lagging. And yet, we’re all just expected to pay for that trash? Why? Why is this stupid industry trend even a thing? It’s anticonsumer, and anybody willing to defend these practices should be ashamed.

Playstation Plus

Exclusive Games Are Also Anti-Consumer! 

Oh boy, speaking of anticonsumer practices. Look, I get that consoles need exclusive games to survive. Xbox has Halo, Nintendo has Mario, and Sony has Nathan Drake. But like, come on! This is a textbook case of anticonsumerism at its finest! Like, it’s really straightforward here. Exclusive games such as Uncharted, are anticonsumer by definition. The entire point for these games, is to sell a system. If you want to play them, you need to buy additional hardware from a specific company. You can’t just pop Uncharted into your Xbox and call it a day. You must buy a PlayStation. And yeah, that’s literally anticonsumer by the dictionary definition. It’s a product created exclusively with the intention of making you buy another product, putting business above the interest of consumers.


Anyway, that’s about it for this article. If you have any thoughts, feel free to share them below.


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