Tomorrow one of PS4’s first big hits of the year is coming out: Firewatch . But it seems like one of those games that is not all that quietly slipping under the radar. So what is Firewatch exactly?

Firewatch puts you in the shoes of a character by the name of Henry who has taken a job working as a fire lookout in Wyoming. He took the job to get away from his life that hasn’t been going all that great. From what we know you spend time doing menial tasks around the area such as getting rid of teens that are partying by the lake or checking for fire dangers. You keep in contact with another character by the name of Delilah, your boss, on your hand held radio. This is where I think Firewatch is really going to shine.

The ways that the characters interact (or don’t as you can choose to not respond and she can get annoyed and ignore you) is very natural and can be very revealing of both their characters. As they interact you can make choices on what Henry says similar to say The Walking Dead or Life is Strange . Just watch the video below, courtesy of IGN , to get an idea of how this works.