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The giveaways on this page were held between 1999 and 2009. This page shall serve as an archive of our previous winners. For an updated list of winners using our new giveaway system, please go here –

Previous Giveaways

– PS3 Giveaway #4 (Custom Blue) – The Blue PlayStation 3 giveaway is complete and here you see the lucky winner holding his pretty prize. Well, it’s the son of the winner – Kim G. – who has also opted to nab Call of Duty: Black Ops as a bonus gift for submitting a picture. We’ll be sending that along to her when the game becomes available. Look how nice that PS3 Slim came out…that’s one hell of a cool system, isn’t it? Well, stay tuned for more giveaways down the road; who knows what we’ll give away next…

– Fast & Furious Package Winner – You all may recall that awesome giveawaywe conducted back in the month of March. It consisted of a very sweet PlayStation 3 package deal that featured one 80GB PS3, a Blu-Ray trilogy of “The Fast & Furious” movie series, the official soundtrack for the “Fast and Furious” movie that hit theaters on March 31, a t-shirt, mini-tin and Frisbee. This bad boy is worth around $500 and we let all PSX Extreme readers get a shot at winning it; all you had to do was sign up to follow us on Twitter. We got over 1,000 sign-ups during the course of this giveaway and then in the first part of April, we randomly selected the winner. As it turned out, it was Craig S. of Seymour, IN.

Here’s a pic of Craig with his snazzy new package, and we say congratulations once again. Also, big thanks to Universal for giving us access to this promotion. You never know when giveaways like these will just pop up, so make sure you visit frequently to see what’s up. You won’t want to miss out when something like a Final Fantasy XIII PS3 package comes our way…! Oh, wouldn’t that be nice.

– PS3 Giveaway #3 (Custom Red) – Congratulations to Robert Martinez of Racine, WI for winning the limited PSX Extreme Edition PS3 with Metallic “Candy Red” color and an embedded PSX Extreme logo to identify it as one of a kind. He selected GTAIV as his free PS3 game for sending us this picture.

– PS3 Giveaway #2 – Congratulations to Bill K. of Haddonfield, NJ. As a winner of PS3 Giveaway #2, he’ll receive a brand new PS3 directly from He selected Warhawk as his free PS3 game for sending us this picture.

– PS3 Giveaway #1 – Congratulations to Chris Brown of Gainesville, TX the winner of our first PS3 Giveaway! Chris received a shiny new 60GB PS3 shipped directly from Here’s a picture of Chris and his prize. He selected Motorstorm as his free game for sending us the photo.

General Giveaway Information

This giveaway is sponsored. You can enter by signing up for a ringtone service. Submit your email below for our free newsletter subscription and you’ll be prompted with an entry to the Red PS3 Giveaway for further instructions.

Because we don’t collect any other information, the winner will be contacted by email. Please be sure to use a valid email address. We respect your privacy and will never sell or share your information with anyone. You may unsubscribe at any time.

 Bonus: If you win, we’ll also send a PS3 game of your choice simply for giving us a picture of yourself with the shiny PS3 you won!