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Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection Launch Met With Major Glitches, Missing Content

Instead of March 14 bringing celebration for Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection’s launch, fans of the 20-year-old titles are left extremely frustrated over the disastrous state of the game’s release.

Per PSLS, the online multiplayer component of the game has major connectivity issues ranging from server crashes and players being booted off the servers. For just the PC port alone, the Battlefront Classic Collection launched with only 3 servers to accommodate thousands of players and up to 64 players per match. Speaking of said port, Steam reviews are now at Overwhelmingly Negative. No wonder why refunds have been demanded, as only 19% out of over 4000 reviews are positive.

Unfortunately, there are much more glitches/performance issues the Battlefront Classic Collection face that are not exclusive to the online multiplayer mode.

Offline Performance Issues And Missing Content

Among the various glitches and performance issues reported in the offline modes, graphical errors and camera/control issues are included. Outside these issues and many more, players have also noticed some questionable alterations in the offline modes in both bundled Battlefront titles. Curiously, the option to invert the Y-axis remains absent as of now.

At least for the PC port of Star Wars: Battlefront (2004) in the Classic Collection, the iconic and nostalgic beeping sounds in the loading screens appears to have been altered. They are in a lower (if not slowed down) pitch compared to the original release of Star Wars: Battlefront. Instagram user allstarwarsfans has a perfect comparison video:

For Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005) in the Classic Collection, players are puzzled that when playing the storyline campaign involving the Clone Army’s 501st Legion (AKA Vader’s Fist), each level is missing outro cutscenes narrated by an off-screen Clone Trooper voiced by Temuera Morrison. Nonetheless, each level’s intro cutscene still plays. At the moment, it is unknown if a glitch is responsible for the missing outro cutscenes.

Yet another example of altered content is about the in-game fonts. On one hand, the Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection using the original PlayStation 2 and Xbox’s UI is heartwarming. On the other hand, It’s a head-scratching change to see a different font used for the in-game menus. Will Aspyr ever address this change and possibly restore the original in-game fonts?

Installation Requirements

Additionally, something not covered in our guide on what to know about the Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection is in regards to the installation requirements. In contrast to both classic Battlefront titles requiring a mere 12.39GB combined, the Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection requires a whopping 62.87GB of install space, if not more (depending on platform). A possible reason for the unusually large install space is the use of AI Upscaling to update the textures, lighting, etc. This installation requirement is yet another reason for criticism against Aspyr’s handling of the Battlefront Classic Collection.

Did you pick up the Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection, or will you hold off on your purchase until a later time? Let us know below!

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