Why does it feel like summer has been here for months? …probably because it was 80+ three times in April.

I still don't get the FFVII PC thing

At first, I thought it was pretty obvious. Re-releasing Final Fantasy VII on PC with some minor upgrades (like achievements and that "character booster" feature) wouldn't require much in the way of time or valuable company resources. Plus, it's still a popular name and really, it's an easy cash-in. But the more I think about it, the more confused I get.

First of all, although several of the games were available on PC, Final Fantasy has never been a major PC franchise. Most people I know who proclaim themselves hardcore PCers really don't care about the series and in fact, were almost reluctant to buy FFVII back when it came out. I don't want to say PC fans are an entirely separate kind of gamer and PC and FF are mutually exclusive, but I mean, let's face it…the biggest FF fans in the world have played all the installments on a console. I keep wanting to think this is a gauge, a test, so Square Enix can get a sense of just how well FFVII has stood up over time. And in the future…remake?

Then again, both FFVII and FFVIII have been super huge downloads for a long time and that didn't seem to do anything, so I don't know.

God of War multiplayer might actually be really fun

I was one of many who flatly stated, " God of War doesn't need multiplayer action." And while I do stand by that statement (I still think its mostly superfluous), I'm starting to believe that the multiplayer offered in God of War: Ascension could really be something special. The concept of a "multiplayer boss" is way cool in my eyes; I figured the developers would try to blend single-player elements into the multiplayer, just because it makes the most sense. Why try to be something you're not? Just because most every title released has to have multiplayer these days doesn't mean you can't be different.

And when it comes to a game like GoW, I think you sorta have to be different. I understand Platinum Games is trying to do something similar with Anarchy Reigns – i.e., mixing single-player and multiplayer aspects – but at this rate, we may never see that game. We know Ascension drops in March, so…can't wait to try it.

Personal gaming update

After the first couple of hours, I had fully intended to finish Quantum Conundrum but as you may have read in my review, the frustration level really reaches new and intensely annoying heights later in the game. I just can't understand Airtight's fascination with platforming and fast-reflex gameplay. You have brilliant puzzles amid a fantastic concept. Just let that shine. On the flip side, The Amazing Spider-Man is painfully simple, but it just doesn't interest me enough for me to complete.

Not much else going on in July, although I am interested to see how Sleeping Dogs turns out come August 14.

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