Buncha games coming…looks like a break from the drought after April.

Assassin's Creed III gameplay…good golly, me want

Admittedly, Assassin's Creed is one of my favorite franchises of the generation, so I might be a little biased. But after seeing the debut gameplay , I'm convinced ACIII is a legitimate Game of the Year contender. I saw a great many things in that trailer that encouraged me; it went beyond the epic atmosphere and the combat. It seems the core of the series is definitely intact and both the freedom and story-based feel will remain a staple as well. I'm always worried about developers changing my favorite franchises (being a die-hard Final Fantasy fan, can you blame me?), but thus far, I've been happy with each AC entry.

Granted, last year's Revelations wasn't the standard elite installment we had come to expect, but that was mostly because they tried to implement new ideas that simply didn't work very well. I see ACIII as being a complete and total return to form; a true sequel to ACII, and one that is almost guaranteed to deliver on all fronts.

With no Bioshock Infinite, I look to Dishonored

I'm usually not too annoyed at delays; they're a part of the industry and besides, I usually have more then enough to play. In truth, I'm often happy to hear about a delay because it gives me more time to catch up. But the news of the Bioshock Infinite delay hit me surprisingly hard, probably because there's no guarantee we'll see the other titles I want so desperately to launch in 2012: Grand Theft Auto V and The Last Of Us . But the fact that Dishonored landed a launch date helped a great deal; that game looks potentially amazing and if done correctly, it could be a freakin' masterpiece.

I'm not saying it will be masterful, mind you; all the pieces have to come together perfectly for that to happen. But I think all the pieces exist, and that's awfully encouraging. Here's hoping Arkane and Bethesda hand us a definitive, absorbing experience.

Personal gaming update

I had some fun with the highly intriguing and original Datura , despite its mechanical shortcomings. As for Starhawk , I stand by my score, and I reiterate: If you're going to advertise a campaign, then give us a campaign. And if that "campaign" isn't up to snuff, don't expect me to ignore that failing just because the multiplayer is great. Yes, if the campaign wasn't there, the game would've scored higher. It's simple, really; there was a major part of the production that was mediocre. In no way should that ever be ignored.

Now, I've got Sorcery and Gravity Rush sitting here but don't get too antsy. They've got embargoes until May 21 and 24 respectively, but at least you know you'll see prompt reviews for both. ­čśë I also expect to see Max Payne 3 on Monday. In other news, I hope people enjoyed the Amanda MacKay interview ; yes, there was advertising involved but I can't really do anything about that. I just think it was great to have a video for it. Also stay tuned for more interviews.

Lastly, remember that you have until Sunday night to get your reviews in for the ongoing So You Think You Can Review Video Games contest . If you'd rather write about why you hate Call of Duty , feel free. Next week, we'll give the CoD fans a chance to defend their stance. ­čÖé

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