If you're interested in the expansion of Lightning's story, here's a new trailer.

"The Divine Task" video puts a special emphasis on the plot, characters and setting of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII . Lest you forget, the heroine has 13 days to save the earth from ruin, and she will also encounter some old friends (and enemies).

Noel and Serah – the main characters of Final Fantasy XIII-2 – are featured, as are Hope and Fang, playable characters in FFXIII. The intriguing part is that some old allies may be standing in Lightning's way; we've seen in several trailers that Noel obviously has a problem with the heroine's quest. We're not exactly sure why, but we're hoping the reasons aren't quite as convoluted as they could be.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will go into action in February 2014.

Thanks, Zak!

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