Some of you may know Jessica Nigri; she has posed as several video game characters, the latest of which is Juliet from Grasshopper's latest crazy title, Lollipop Chainsaw .

Unsurprisingly, her outfits have turned quite a few heads, and she just recently did an absurd live action ad for the upcoming game. But her skimpy outfits have finally gotten the wrong sort of attention.

According to Destructoid , Nigri was asked to leave the show floor until she changed out of her slinky pink outfit. So she changed back to her regular Juliet Starling costume but that apparently wasn't good enough, and was once again asked to change. The rumor is that PAX officials asked her to wear a sweatshirt for the remainder of the event, which of course would make it tough to promote a game where cleavage is a selling point.

It was also made plain that such skin isn't exactly a huge shock at PAX shows, so people are wondering why Nigri was targeted. Granted, that pink thing is just plain silly but was she really breaking any rules?