Trophies and Achievements are one of this generation's most significant new features, and one that will likely endure for quite a while.

Some don't care at all but others are definite Trophy fiends. And it's no secret that a great many Trophies are extremely difficult to obtain; they may take a huge amount of time, or a huge amount of skill…or, more often than not, both.

So of all the games you've played over the past five years, which Trophies/Achievements do you most treasure? Which are the ones that made you go, "Damn, I can't believe I actually got it!" Personally, I've never gotten into the whole Trophy craze, primarily because I have a small pet peeve when it comes to such forms of bite-size instant gratification. There's just something about these Trophies that makes me feel a little too much like a subject in a Pavlov experiment…

But even so, when it comes to games that really grab me, I have to admit I've glanced at the Trophy lists, just to see what I might have to do to obtain that always-elusive Platinum. See, I don't have any (although I would if there were Plats awarded only for single-player accomplishments), and I keep wondering if I'll ever get one. Maybe I'll get the one for Journey ; it doesn't seem too tough. Or, if I decide to put in enough time, the Platinum for FFXIII-2. But I doubt it. Still, I know I have a few pretty cool Trophies; what are yours?

In short, which ones do you brag about?