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Combined PS4, PS3 And Vita Sales Pass 100 Million

We've got the official overall number, but you'll have to do some guess-work to determine each individual number.

Sony released a new promotional video for the PlayStation brand (see it below) and in it, they say the combined worldwide sales of the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Vita have surpassed 100 million units.

The video was designed for third-party manufacturers who are thinking about creating peripherals for PlayStation. As for the stats, we've heard the PS3 has sold around 82 or 83 million, and the last official tally for the PS4 was 7 million (as of April 2014). However, a recent report indicates that PS4 sales may have hit 9 million…so what's that leave for the Vita? You go ahead and estimate.

We'll have to see if Sony can maintain their lead during this generation.

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9 years ago

Good to know there's a room where all products can be turned into Sony licensed products when an Asian man and woman tap its bubble with a magic wand.

9 years ago

lets talk about #s in 2 months when destiny comes out. that game is going to really push ps4 for 2014, especially with that white bundle

9 years ago

so had to make a new account forgot my password for the account name PlatformerGamer so heres to my 1st new comment

as for the vita sales being one of them theres about 8mil+ vitas if the maths is right which it should be did it on a calculator to be sure.

and there are games just not for every body

happy gaming

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