Capcom today announced Flipnic: Ultimate Pinball for the PlayStation 2. The game will feature more than 100 missions in the main single player mode. Flipnic also includes four head-to-head multiplayer games for competitive challenges.

The five tables include:
Biology – a living, breathing rainforest complete with waterfalls, hippos, lush trees and more.

Metallurgy – a futuristic vision of shiny metal and reflective surfaces.

Optics – a throwback to the funky retro disco lounges of yore with blacklights and bright neon streams.

Geometry – an old school flat 2D level with geometric shapes galore.

Theology – special battles that appear between each stage in the original game mode.

The game carries an “E” rating for everyone from the ESRB and Capcom plans to release the title for North America this summer.