began listing PSP titles in their inventory, presumably for pre-order purposes. The 28 titles, including Ape Escape, Darkstalkers 3, Death Jr., Twisted Metal, Wipeout, NBA Street and NFL Street are priced at $49.99, and are expected in store either 4/18/2005 or 4/29/2005.

Now, please remember that this is all tentative. No one knows how much a standard PSP game will cost or when they’ll ship, so EBGames went with placeholder figures. This way they can mark down the price without having to honor lower prices.

Regardless, you can now be the first on your block to have a pre-order slip for Axel Impact International on PSP. So run, don't walk to your nearest EB, and slap down that $5. Or check out the

of their site. Your choice.

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