PlayStation Classic

The PlayStation Classic has gone on sale with as much as 40 percent shaved off its $99.99 price tag. Released this month on December 3, Sony had high hopes for the mini-console; hopes that didn’t quite work in their favor. The Classic was meant to bring back that nostalgic feeling you may have with the original PlayStation. This was a bit hard to do for some fans however. Even though it had some notable figures like Final Fantasy VII, Rayman, Metal Gear Solid, and more it still lacked the “best”.

The reason behind this lack of hits was likely due to licensing issues since many of the “best” games found on the console were made by third-parties. Games like Spyro and Crash, which were unofficial mascots of the PlayStation, also went under remasters and different owners. The PlayStation Classic also used an open source emulator which didn’t run that smoothly.

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What do you think? Does this sale make you fine with spending the money? Do you already have it? Are you going to avoid it?

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