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Astral Ascent

Astral Ascent Drops Cinematic Trailer

Developer Hibernian Workshop has shared a new trailer for its upcoming Astral Ascent, a game that’s been in Early Access for a year before finally making its way to consoles later this month.

Over on YouTube, you can view a new cinematic trailer featuring its cast of characters readying to take on the challenges that await. The game is billed as a “roguelite with lightning-fast combat.” The story goes that you’re trying to unravel the story of the game by facing off against 12 powerful bosses known as the Zodiacs, which guard the Garden, which itself is an astral prison.

Visually, Astral Ascent’s pixel art is pleasing, and its gameplay has been likened to fellow indie game, Dead Cells.

What do you think? Are you going to pick this game up? Are you gonna pass? Let us know below!

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