Bear with me on this. I swear I have a rational, cohesive train of thought. Really, I do.

For the record, I believe the PS2 launch lineup was better than everyone said; SSX alone almost made the $300 purchase worth the expense, but there was also TimeSplitters , Summoner , Unreal Tournament , and Tekken Tag Tournament , not to mention Madden NFL 2001 . It really was pretty solid. The PS3 wasn't as great; Resistance: Fall of Man was fantastic, but that's where it ended (despite Ridge Racer 7 's entertainment value).

But historically, consoles don't normally launch with the best set of games. It's pretty common that we have to wait for the heavy-hitting AAA titles. However, Sony delayed the launch of the Vita so it could hit store shelves with the single best PlayStation launch ever. That actually worked out; there were around 25 games available for the new portable when it first released…the fact that we've had very, very little in new software since then is beside the point. The point is that Sony may have learned from past mistakes concerning new hardware launches.

And with the rumor that Killzone 4 might debut on the PS4 this year , I'm starting to wonder: What might Sony have in store for us when the PS4 gets here? KZ4? And what about other potential titles, like Uncharted 4 , inFamous 3 , and Gran Turismo 6 ? Who knows what they could throw at us; who knows what they might have up their sleeve to make the PS4 that much more attractive on launch day. So I'm definitely optimistic…