Although small, the members of UK-based Media Molecule have worked on well-known and critically acclaimed titles like Fable , Rag Doll Kung Fu , Black and White , and Dungeon Keeper . And now, intent on proving that even the "little guys" can produce special next-gen titles, they're collaborating with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to create a very "innovative and original" PS3 game.

They haven't released any details concerning this mystery game as of yet, but with the combined experience of the team members, we should have high expectations. Mark Healey, the studio's Creative Director, is convinced that Media Molecule can make a big splash on Sony's powerful new console.

"Working together on Rag Doll convinced us that a focussed and efficient team had the ability to deliver exciting and innovative content," said Healey. "The ambition for Media Molecule is to take that a step further and prove that a small (20 plus) and passionate team can deliver a world class, triple A, next generation product. Sometimes the very unwieldiness of a massive team renders it much less efficient."

Expect more information to arrive later on this year.

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