You've probably already heard the news that U.S. PlayStation 3 sales almost doubled after the 80GB price drop and the emergence of the 40GB model. Now, we have a lot more numbers courtesy of Sony and the NPD, and the electronics giant had a little something to say: October was a great month for the "PlayStation brand."

Sony issued a press release after the numbers became public, and they highlighted several of the reasons why they're happy with October's results. First and foremost, overall sales for all PlayStation-branded platforms (PS3, PS2 and PSP) were up 39% over October 2006 to $353.4 million, and that's definitely good news. The PSP experienced some major growth on its own, as sales were up 120% in the year-over-year comparison, and the PS2 maintains a pretty steady pace even in its waning year(s). Oh, and of course, they love the fact that most sources say PS3 sales are up 192% (see, almost double) in the two weeks since the price drop, with 100,000 unit sales last week alone.

They still leave everyone with that "just wait 'til next month" message, though, so we're wondering how that applies now. Perhaps Sony is expecting even bigger things in November, which would make perfect sense, considering the time of year…

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