It remains one of the best – if not the best – title on the PS3, and lately, that's largely due to its stellar multiplayer online mode. And now, you've got an even better reason to log on and compete against the world in Resistance: Fall of Man : a new patch is ready to go, and the Internet is a-buzz with the details. We've gathered up the changes/enhancements into a list below:

Patch Adds:

Round-balancing is now more aggressive.

Sick of the 40s and Tags? Turn 'em off.

Play a private game with password.

It's not surprising at this point: Resistance will now be rumble-enabled.

New weapon-balancing.

They have decreased the damage and range of Shotrange.

That damn Laark takes so long to reload…but not so much anymore. However, the trade-off is that there is a decrease in the radius of explosion.

Decreased radius of the frag grenade.

We'll finally do more damage with Hedgehog, but there's a smaller chance of a one-hit kill.

Arc Charger range and damage increased, but secondary fire decreased in power.

Bullseye Tag re-fire is slower…thank God.

Custom Game Mode: we'll now be able to voice chat with anyone playing!

General bug fixes.

Resistance: Fall of Man has already seen a variety of patches and upgrades this year, but this one may be the biggest yet. Not only will it add plenty of new features, but it will quite literally change the way we play online. For the better, too, so we don't have any problem with that.

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