if you've taken advantage of the biggest PlayStation Store releases this year, you've probably already had the chance to enjoy Warhawk and flOw . The former, also available on standard Blu-Ray disc, is a top-notch multiplayer online title, and the latter is one of the most original and engaging puzzle/action games in recent memory. And now, both will be getting an upgrade come December.

According to Firing Squad, the latest issue of Game Informer tells us that expansions are currently in the works for both titles, and we can expect to see these updates before Christmas. Sony will be adding a dropship into Warhawk , which will let us move ground vehicles from one location to another, although we have no other details at this time. The flOw expansion will include an extra multiplayer mode along with a brand new playable creature. We don't have exact release dates or possible prices for either of these downloads, but we'll give you that information as soon as it becomes available.

We're especially intrigued by that dropship. Will it have its own arsenal and be able to pick up in-air items, or will it need an accompanying convoy to protect it? Also, will it have more armor than the typical Warhawk? Because it should… Hopefully, we'll soon get the skinny on this significant addition to an already great game.

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