Well, when a rumor gets going, it's like a runaway locomotive: it requires an insane amount of force to get it to stop, and any little push causes the thing to gain speed. The existence of a 40GB PS3, which SCEE has already debunked by calling the idea nothing more than "rumor and speculation," is back once again.

This time, according to Eurogamer, it's the good ol' FCC who has the most recent evidence in the palms of their bureaucratic hands. Sony has officially filed something new with the Federal Communications Commission; the code number is CECHG01. What makes it "new?" Well, it's different than the numbers for the 60GB (CECHA01) and the 80GB (CECH01) models, but at the same time, it's also very similar. With a difference of only one letter, shouldn't we expect this to be another PlayStation 3…?

Maybe. But Sony has refused to comment (surprise, surprise), so while the rumor has gained more steam, it's still just a rumor. All hardware must be checked by the FCC before it can be manufactured and sold in the US, so maybe Sony could hide whatever this is from us, but not from the federal government. Lastly, this most recent filing lists a subsidiary company of China-based AsusTek as the maker, who just so happens to be handling production of the current 80GB PS3. Yes, the plot thickens.

Sony has already said they have no intentions of dropping the price until they reinforce the system's software lineup, and if that's the case, wouldn't it make perfect sense to issue a cheaper model for the holidays? We think it does.

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