Kaz Hirai has switched gears during his keynote; this time addressing the PlayStation Network and Store, which he says is "exploding." Currently on the Japanese Store, Hirai says there are 30 PS3 titles, 300 add-on items (extra downloadable content), 100 game archives, and 90 demo movies. …yup, that sure is a lot of stuff.

But perhaps the biggest news is the fact that as of today, the Store will be accessible via PC. PSPs with USB will also be able to connect to a PC, apparently through a web browser. How cool is that? There seems to be a lot more scheduled for the Store in the future, too, although Hirai didn't get into specifics. He did say he wants Sony to "get back to basics" and went on to talk about the PS3's massive computing power (as if we needed to know).

Beyond that, we really haven't seen anything all that earth-shattering. No news on a PS3 price drop and nothing on a Final Fantasy VII</i< remake. What's the deal, Sony? Are you waiting for some kind of dramatic finish, or something? Because really, we're not laughing.

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