Next to the Final Fantasy VII PS3 remake rumor, the rumbling Sixaxis controller is the biggest ongoing rumor of the year. You just can't kill this one, as more evidence continues to pop up in the face of Sony denials. It seems an inside source has said Sony is now supporting rumble for the PS3 controller according to the latest System Development Kit they sent to developers last Thursday (source: Pro-G).

A System Development Kit is just what it sounds like: it's like an electronic toolbox given to programmers, which allows them to develop applications for a specific platform. If the latest SDK does indeed include the rumble support option, it won't come as a shocker to everyone; Immersion and Sony have long since resolved their differences. After all, they've probably been waiting for the appropriate time and venue to make the announcement…

And what better time and place to make such an announcement than this week at the Tokyo Game Show? Is it only a coincidence that developers receive this newly revamped SDK less than a week before the start of gaming's biggest event of the year? We think not. We think Sony will finally spill the beans on the rumbling Sixaxis at TGS, and this will be verified or shot down again within the next few days.

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