It was one heck of a loony puzzler on the PSP, but now, Sony has confirmed that a brand new LocoRoco will be coming to the PS3. In looking at the latest issue of Famitsu, there are some details and info about the game, which is hilariously known as Oiedeyo LocoRoco! Boo Boo Cocoreccho! in Japan.

Despite some recent speculation that this "game" isn't anything more than a wallpaper program for the PS3, Famitsu lists it as an action title that even includes online rankings. We had heard this was coming to the PS3 some time ago, although we weren't sure if it would be just a port of the PSP version or not…well, it's not; in this one, you actually control a butterfly (that's the "Cocoreccho" part). And the "Boo Boo" part happens when you press a button and the butterfly yells "Boo Boo"…no, we're not making this up. As you yell, other butterflies in the area will wake up and join you; the goal is to lead them all to the stage's goal.

As far as anyone can tell from the Famitsu piece, LocoRoco PS3 is indeed an entirely new and separate game from the original title that landed on the PSP. It will be a downloadable title for the PlayStation Store and is scheduled for a Japanese release of September 21. No word on pricing or a North American release, though, so we'll keep you updated if we hear anything.

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