With everyone talking about the powerful new game consoles, I thought this would be an interesting question.

Which video game system, now lost to history, would you resurrect if you had the requisite power and influence? Which system deserves to be in the limelight again, just 'cuz it had all sorts of great potential? Which one didn't get a fair shake in your estimation?

Obviously, no old game machine could stand up to the current consoles. This is not a realistic query, as you might've already surmised. But it's always interesting to hear veteran gamers talk about specific systems they really loved; such systems weren't always popular. For instance, I know someone who thinks the Atari Jaguar deserved a lot more recognition than it got, and he wished it had received a lot more support from gamers, developers, publishers, etc. Then there's the contingent who liked the Sega Saturn more than the first PlayStation.

There are actually a surprising number of game consoles lying in their graves. If you look it up, you'll undoubtedly stumble across one or two you've never heard of. Well, if you're an industry historian, maybe not, but you get what I mean. Remember the Panasonic 3DO? Or going further back, the Colecovision and Intellivision? Hey, how's about that Wonder Swan? Game Gear? Magnavox Odyssey?