It's easily one of the most anticipated titles out there, which means a great many will want to jump into the beta test.

Ubisoft will start a two-week multiplayer beta on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 some time this summer: It will include six playable classes, several maps and modes, and 16-player matches. The best part? The progression system will be active, so you'll be able to unlock a ton of upgrades before the game arrives. Get the jump on your competition!

To earn an invite, you only need to purchase Ghost Recon: Future Soldier , which launches next week – May 22 – and includes a beta code for FC3. Ubisoft will also give away a few codes through its social channels at Facebook, and it wouldn't hurt to check out the publisher's community website. There's no set date for the beta just yet, but "summer" is good enough for now; the hotly anticipated Far Cry 3 is set to launch on September 4 for the PS3, 360 and PC.

Just as a side note, gamers have really taken to betas like fish to water. And I suppose it's no big surprise; if someone told me I could've played Super Mario 3 months before it actually came out, I think I would've considered sawing off a finger to get that opportunity…okay, maybe just a toe. Need my fingers.

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10 years ago

I don't like these icky incentives.

10 years ago

I already payed off my copy of Ghost Recon so this is just a plus.

I actually traded in my copy of BF3 towards it because I've had nothing but problems finishing matches in the game. I'm constantly losing connection to EA Online and it drives me crazy. I don't play games to be pissed off at them for not working.

10 years ago

so cant wait for this to come out all the videos released are looking really cool!
kinda scratching my head why ubisoft did not release this as far cry 2.
it sure would of saved them allot of flaming pitchforks!
i mean far cry 2 was such a departure from the series allot of fans were really pissed off.
shame it takes a ton of crap to be hurled at a company before they get the hint!