Today, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ) has announced that a newly designed PS2 (SCPH-90000) will be hitting Japan on November 22 with a recommended retail price of 16,000 yen (including tax). This sleek bad boy will come in three fresh new colors: Satin Silver, as pictured here, Ceramic White, and Charcoal Black. Furthermore, a vertical stand will launch on the same day as the redesigned system, and in the same three colors, too. Nice!

But what about the system is "redesigned" besides the color? Well, in addition to sporting the same functionality as the old PS2, "the internal design architecture of the new system has been completely overhauled," which results in a lighter weight. It will also boast a built-in AC adapter, yet another little convenience. The most popular video game console in history isn't done yet, as evidenced by solid sales throughout 2007 and continued support from long-time developers and publishers. And with 120 million sales worldwide, it's no real surprise to see another resurgence heading into the holiday season.

Of course, we all have just one question: when will this new system, in all its tri-colored glory, release in North America and Europe? Don't keep this restricted to Japan; remember Sony, that 120 million is a worldwide number. So reward all of us!

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