With Nintendo dominating the software chart, you'd wonder just
how strong their hardware sales were, right? Well, to be
blunt…insanely strong. We're talking Incredible Hulk status
here. Sales spiked up tremendously for both the DS and Wii
dramatically. The Nintendo DS sold over 256k units, and the Wii
sold 102.5k consoles. The lead up to Japan's Golden Week (May
1st-May-7th) was likely the main reason for the surge of sales as
people prepared for their vacations and time off. The PSP and PS3
received negligible increases in sales, as detailed below.

Nintendo DS – 256,063
Nintendo Wii – 102,522
Sony PSP – 33,860
Sony PS3 – 12,791
Sony PS2 – 12,584
Xbox 360 – 3,162

April 16th-22nd:

Nintendo NDS – 172,440
Nintendo Wii – 77,913
Sony PSP – 29,459
Sony PS2 – 11,398
Sony PS3 – 11,000
Xbox 360 – 2,307

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