If you're an RPG fan who just so happens to reside in Japan, today is a happy day for you. Square-Enix has released Star Ocean: The First Departure for the PSP in Japan, and at the same time, remains mute on the possibility of the highly anticipated remake showing up in other regions.

For those unfamiliar with The First Departure , it's a remake of the original Star Ocean ; redone with full 3D graphics (similar to those found in the PS1 sequel, The Second Story ) and even a few CG cut-scenes. This was is an oldie as it released for the Super Famicom way back in the day – also never making it to the US – but Square-Enix has totally revamped the style. In addition to the enhanced technicals, we get additional scenarios, characters and several bonus features that will make this game an entirely new experience. The PSP has been doing well in the land of remakes as of late; if you hadn't already seen, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions won our PSP Game of the Year yesterday. It's a remake of the original PS1 classic, obviously, and it was beautifully implemented on Sony's handheld. So bring on the remakes, because we like 'em!

If you're wondering what we're missing, go ahead and check out a couple videos of Star Ocean: The First Departure . We've got the full Japanese trailer plus a TV commercial for you to check out. See? Don't you want Square-Enix to export this one? We do.

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