I am well aware of all the financial reasons why manufacturers don't often create bundles for launch day. I also know there are other issues, especially if you wanted to include a game from a third-party developer.

But please, Sony, please produce a couple cool PlayStation 4 packages for the holiday season. Nobody has any interest in going to the store and coming home with just the console; they obviously want a game or two, an extra controller, and maybe other accessories. It's not just about missing the days when every new video game system came with a game, it's just about doing something that makes lots of sense. At least, from a consumer's perspective, at any rate.

So look, if the price of the top model of the PS4 (assuming there will indeed be two models, as has been rumored) is $499, do this: Make a bundle that includes a game (either Killzone: Shadow Fall or inFamous: Second Son would be nice), an extra controller, and one free month of PlayStation plus for $599. Yeah, that's a good deal right there, and I have a feeling a lot of people would spring for it; hell, that's probably what the majority plan to bring home on launch day, anyway! Oh, and if that thing doesn't come with an HDMI cable, bundle or no bundle, I'm just gonna scream.

It's the holiday season, you've got a new console, you very likely have to go head-to-head with Microsoft, so give consumers a fantastic bundle option. Basically, it's the perfect start-up package for a new generation.