The acclaimed Dragon Quest franchise is finally coming back to PlayStation. Square Enix has officially confirmed Dragon Quest XI , which is currently in development for PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, and the new Nintendo NX.

The PS4 version will be built using Unreal Engine 4 and perhaps strangely, the 3DS version seems to be a collaborative work between Nintendo and a third-party studio. The stream during which the game was announced (see it below) is entirely in Japanese so we don't have many details right now, but maybe we can expect more next month at Gamescom 2015. It'll be interesting to see how the developers approach what appears to be a more modern JRPG quest.

Also during the event, Square Enix revealed Dragon Quest X will be released for PS4; this is the MMORPG installment in the series. The last title PlayStation fans saw was the excellent Dragon Quest VIII on PlayStation 2, but we know we can't expect standard turn-based combat in the new one.