Admit it, somewhere along the winding road of this generation somebody tricked you.

Maybe trick is a harsh word, but chances are you got on board a hype train at some point that headed off into a blind alley. Or if not a hype train then a bandwagon. If not a bandwagon then perhaps a popular trend.

Now that trend is a space waster, a dust collector, a plant hanger, a boat anchor, or an empty space in your wallet. Whatever form (or lack of form) it takes, right about now you're wishing you had that money back for the new generation of goodies.

Am I the only one with a Wii collecting dust instead of games? Or maybe you wish you hadn't replaced your Xbox 360 that fifth time. I admit I almost got caught up in the motion gimmick wave with the PS Move, but the killer apps never came and I managed to avoid being hornswaggled. Did you drop a bundle on a Move bundle that got a few hours of play? Have you got a cache of plastic guitars somewhere? Did you upgrade to a 3D TV only to find the glasses give you a titanic headache?

We can't forget the games that didn't deliver what they promised either. Remember Haze and Too Human ? More recently Aliens fans could be wishing they didn't plunk down the full $60 on Colonial Marines .

While the used game market has allowed me to recoup some of the costs of games that just didn't deliver, there is a list of them I'd rather forget getting involved with. I know I have a PS Eye in a cabinet somewhere too.

What do you wish you hadn't bought this generation?