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      Ty Harvey

      As you may have noticed, our old forums are no longer accessible. Unfortunately, the reasoning is simple: I broke them.

      Yup, I somehow managed to break the old forums, and I quite frankly have no idea how to fix them. I’ve been trying to fix them for months, but every single fix just ended up making things worse. I even tried to bring my server team on board, and even they couldn’t fix it, despite having full root access to the entire server and account. The database corrupted.


      So, what happened?

      There was an update to MyBB, our forum software, which I tried to apply using the automated tools. The update failed. When trying to revert back and restore the earlier database, the restore also failed. Despite the database having all of our user account information in it, the restore seemed to ignore 20% of them for seemingly no reason at all.


      The forums became unstable

      While our actual users might not have noticed too many issues simply browsing the site, the moderators and administrators were running into problems left and right. For instance, we were no longer able to purge spammers from the forums, making it very easy for a spammer to, well, spam. The administration feature that made it so we could ban users, was no longer functioning. And of course, every restoration attempt kept failing.


      What now?

      So here we are. A new and very blank slate.

      If you wish to participate on here, you’ll need to recreate your account. Take note that your account will also now double as a main account, which you will be able to use throughout our website. So it’s more than just a forum account.

      As for all of the posts and data from our old forums? Unfortunately, I will not be transferring that stuff over. At least not until I’ve found a safe way to do so. Right now, considering the database corruption, I don’t want to potentially break even more things by transferring a corrupted database over to our main website. So, at least for now, everything on the old forums, will stay on the old forums.


      What’s happening to the old forums?

      I’m going to continue to try and restore them as best as I possibly can, but make no promises. Starting fresh might be the best thing we can do. The domain will be redirected to this thread.

      If I find a way to properly and successfully get the old forums working again, I may end up going back to them. However, as of today, that seems very unlikely.


      I got questions!

      If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here. I know this whole thing is a bit inconvenient, especially for our long-time members. All I can really ask is that you give the new forums and account system a chance.

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