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Wreckfest Rundown [PC]

Welcome to The Rundown; a new review format that we are going to be hosting here at PSX Extreme. The Rundown is intended to be our way of quickly expressing our opinions of a game in as few words as possible, effectively giving you the rundown of a game. Not all of our reviews will be provided in this format, and this format isn’t replacing our in-depth reviews that you’ve all grown to trust and love. We’re simply using this format to cover stuff we didn’t have time to cover previously, or stuff we just feel deserves a little bit of extra attention.

❤ Audience: ❤
☑ Beginner / ☑ Casual Gamer / ☑ Normal Gamer 
/ ☑ Expert / ☑ Everyone

It’s pretty much intended for everybody of all skill levels. If you like racing cars on off-road tracks, or if you enjoy the classic FlatOut games, Wreckfest is for you.


☼ Graphics: ☼
☐ Bad / Alright / Good / ☑ Beautiful / ☐ Fantastic

Graphically, the game is pretty, but not outstanding. It’s not Gran Turismo as far as graphics go, and that’s fine. The car models in particular are pretty top-notch, and the damage you can inflict upon your car is pretty much unparalleled.


♬ Sound: ♬
☐ Bad /☐ Alright / ☑ Good / ☐ Beautiful / ☐ Fantastic

It’s a racing game, so the vast majority of what you’re going to hear is that of the cars, and you colliding with other cars and/or the racetrack itself, which it does well enough. The soundtrack is also decent enough, and definitely gets your adrenaline pumping. Some of the engines sound a bit washed out, and colliding with certain track props (tires) don’t give off as much of an impact as I’d like. But overall, sound is good.


☠ Difficulty: 
Easy / ☑ Average / ☑ Hard /☐ Unfair

This isn’t your typical track racer like Gran Turismo, nor is it your typical off-road like Dirt. It’s an arcade experience with pretty decent handling, as well as an AI that doesn’t give a damn if they crash into you or not. In fact, crashing is encouraged. The AI doesn’t cheat, and if you’re in the lead, you’ll typically stay in the lead so long as you don’t make any major mistakes, or wipe out. The handling might take some getting used to at first, especially if you’re coming from a more traditional sim-type racer. But after you familiarize yourself with it, you’ll be good to go, and ready to race the world.


§ Bugs §
☐ Nothing encountered / ☑ Few Bugs / ☐ You can use them for speedrun / ☐  Lots of bugs / ☐ Bugs destroy the game /

I’ve encountered only a handful of very minor bugs, though absolutely none of them prevented me from playing, or even finishing a single race.


☯ Story ☯
☑ There is none / ☐ Bad / ☐ Alright / ☐ Good / ☐ Fantastic

It’s a racing game. There’s no story. You just drive (and wreck) cars. I mean, sure. There’s a career mode, but we’re not counting that as a story.


⚔ Gameplay ⚔
☐ Frustrating / ☐  Sleepy / Relaxing☐ Boring / ☑ Fun / ☑ Challenging

Wreckfest can best be described as a spiritual successor to the classic FlatOut series of arcade racing games. In fact, it plays so much like classic FlatOut 1 and 2, it may as well be considered the true FlatOut 3. While most games will punish or penalize you for ramming into other cars, Wreckfest encourages it. You can even bring your favourite ride into a destruction derby for further carnage.


۞ Game Length ۞
☑ Endless / No Length

There’s basically infinite replayability here.


$ Price / Quality $
☑ Full price / ☐ Wait for Sale☐ Don’t buy / ☐ Refund it if you can

This game is absolutely worth the full price.


::The Rundown::

Wreckfest is a fun festival of racing and wrecking, and boy does it do it well. You’ve got solid racing, decent track design, and an aggressive AI system that tries to wreck you. It’s basically the spiritual successor to the FlatOut games of old, and yes; it’ every bit as awesome.


Final Rating:

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Ray Hopkin
Ray Hopkin
4 years ago

I love this! I don’t always have time to read the full in depth reviews, and for a racing game I don’t particularly want to! This rundown format is brilliant!

Ty Harvey
Ty Harvey
4 years ago
Reply to  Ray Hopkin

Glad you’re enjoying the format! Yeah, a lot of people nowadays don’t want to read long reviews. It’s a fast world, and so many people are more inclined to simply skip over the review to find the verdict, or watch the video review.

The idea with The Rundown was to simplify everything for the reader. People just want to know if a game is worth buying, and I feel like this format accomplishes exactly that, in as little time as possible. It’s also easy to convert into a video, if we ever decide to go down that road. (spoiler: we want to go down that road)

4 years ago

Honestly i’d even consider using this along side your full reviews a kind of “tl;dr review”. It’s a brilliant format and lends itself to any length the writer wants, keep it short & simple or make it a full length novel.

The little ratings or whatever those are called above each paragraph are something i’d add to all the reviews. I’m with Ray, i love this as well!

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