Scheduled release date:
November 3, 2015
Ghost Games
Number Of Players:
Release Date:
November 3, 2015

Need for Speed is back! After taking a year off in 2014 – the first year we didn’t see a new franchise entry in over a decade – the iconic IP will make an appearance this fall. Developer Ghost Games ( Need for Speed: Rivals ) plans to deliver a rebooted installment for the holiday season. Publisher Electronic Arts is calling this project “the definitive Need for Speed experience” and during their E3 2015 press conference, they highlighted “Five Ways to Play.” The intriguing part about this new structure is that each of the five is based on a real-world automotive icon, and players must earn that icon’s respect. The idea is to work your way up and become the ultimate icon yourself!

The five facets of this new racing experience are as follows: Speed , which is about the fearless pushing the limits and never taking the pedal from the metal; Style , which focuses on your precision in control; Build , where you excel in the realm of mechanical and cosmetic alterations to your vehicle; Crew , which involves riding with friends and putting your faith in other drivers, and lastly, Outlaw , which has you baiting and eluding the cops. The latter has often been a major part of any NFS title, so it’s nice to see it returning. These five aspects constitute a robust driving game that hits all the highlights and encourages the racer to succeed on every possible level. And yeah, there’s the social element as well.

Ghost Games is really pulling out all the stops for this one. Did you know they worked with Speedhunters to select the world’s most awesome cars, and they even consulted with experts on performance tuning, customized handling and authentic after-market brands? Perhaps the most challenging part of this new endeavor is to combine the depth of a simulator with the breakneck, accessible nature of an arcade racer. NFS has straddled the border in some ways but perhaps the newest iteration will be the perfect blend of realism and over-the-top high-speed insanity. In other words, it may have the customization and content depth of a sim, but it should retain its fun factor and acecessibility.