Codemasters knows racing. And fans of the genre are anxiously awaiting a new DiRT installment.

We're sort of overdue for a new entry, too. We got DiRT Showdown in 2012, but the last official entry in the series, DiRT 3 , arrived in 2011. So, will we see one in 2014?

Well, one fan asked the studio on their Twitter page if they were working on a new DiRT . The developer replied:

"Well we're not, not working on one. ;)"

That's pretty obvious, wouldn't you say? Codemasters is also scheduled to deliver F1 2014 at some point, which is always challenging for hardcore racing fanatics. DiRT has always been an excellent Rally simulator, although Showdown was more about more accessible fun that caters to a wider demographic. It's about time to return to the original franchise, where we can once again test our Rally skills to the max.

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8 years ago

I got Dirt 3 and, well what can I say…I played it for about 3 hours and haven't gone back to it since. And this from somebody who's got 300 hours into GT5. I dunno, it just didn't grab my attention at all. Guess rally racing on dirt tracks and kind of drifting around through the corners isn't my thing.