It was likely that Just Cause 3 was going to be a next-gen project, anyway.

But now, it has become pretty clear that developer Avalanche Studios has no interest in doing anything else for the current generation of consoles.

Studio founder Christofer Sundberg recently posted up a compelling Tweet concerning the old dev kits they've got:

"We're shipping 'em back. Going next-gen on your asses."

It makes you wonder: How many other development teams have already embraced the next generation of hardware? How many have already said they're totally done with making games for the current round of consoles? The odd part about it is that most new games that straddle generations need to release for both the old and new systems, because a game needs the userbase of the old consoles. With combined sales of 150 million or so for the PS3 and 360, you can't really overlook that, can you…?