It was sad to see Team Bondi's apparent demise after the fantastic success of L.A. Noire .

But amazingly, the studio is back and currently working on a next-generation project entitled Whore of the Orient . Everyone is wondering when it might finally arrive…well, not for a while, unfortunately.

According to some new job listings (as cited by GameSpot ), the anticipated title won't be ready until 2015. The listings are for KMM Interactive, which acquired the rights to the game last year, and they're looking to fill a variety of positions. As for the upcoming new IP, it's described as a "narrative action adventure title" that is similar to L.A. Noire . Set in 1936, players will explore the "most corrupt and decadent city on the planet," although we're not sure yet of our role; the main character has yet to be revealed.

Okay, so 2015 is a long ways off but even so, it's great to see something along the lines of L.A. Noire . We'll be patient.

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