Role-playing fans are anxiously awaiting CD Projekt Red's The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt , but the developer is working on another intriguing project as well.

It's the previously announced Cyberpunk 2077 and business development manager Rafal Jaki told Polygon that "it's going really, really well" and in fact, "the stuff they've come up with is mind-blowing."

When the promising game was initially announced, it was only confirmed for PC. But in this new interview, Jaki said it should also be coming to next-gen consoles. When asked if Cyberpunk 2077 would eventually find its way to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, his answer was a little vague, but still encouraging:

"It most probably will be. But we can't confirm or deny because it's too early for that."

Right now, the 210 CD Projekt Red employees are split across three sectors: They've got over 100 people (the "red team") working on Wild Hunt , the "black team" is smaller and is cranking away on Cyberpunk 2077 , and the final team is working on the studio's engine that will be used for both games. These guys should produce some very special results…

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